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Product offering

Create a product offering that makes it easy for customers to say ‘yes’

Your product or service must not only align with your value proposition and customer’s needs, but you must package it into a product offering that your target audience can understand and buy.


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Effective execution

Effective execution beats a good idea every time

The success of a startup depends 5% on the idea, and 95% on its effective execution. Use the Circle of Agility to create execution momentum
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Communicate with impact

Communicate with impact or risk being ignored

High impact communication is critical to connect with potential customers and business partners. Use my framework to structure your message and package it in a
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Action plan thumbnail

Your Action Plan Turns ‘Dreaming’ into ‘Doing’

An action plan helps you focus your efforts and deliver better results more quickly. Follow my action plan framework and create a direct line between
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Destination Planning video preview

Destination planning: Build the business you dream about

Destination planning is a simple tool to help you build the business you always imagined. Identify your Greater Purpose and Desired Outcome, and you’ll know
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sexy model every startup is after

The sexy model every startup is after

Your business model determines how your company makes money. Develop a sustainable and scalable business model to ensure your long-term growth.

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The Launch Code - Sexy business model preview

The sexy model every startup is after – video

Business models may not be as sexy as Instagram models, but they are far more critical to building a successful business. Having a sustainable business
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Crisis management thumbnail

Crisis management: Hope is not a strategy! – VIDEO

Zoltan Vardy here, Founder and CEO of The Launch Code, and in this video I’m going to talk to you about how to manage your
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