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Power of Focus

Use the Power of Focus to Build Your Business – video

Knowing where to focus is the single most important factor in accelerating your business growth.In my newest video, I want to talk to you about the Power of Focus and I am going to give you a really clear 5 step process, that shows you how you can find your focus in any circumstances.


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Communicate your value offer

Five Tips for Getting a Fair Deal – video

Long-term partnerships are built on a fair and balanced deal, no matter the size or negotiating position of either party.

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3 tips to co-founders

Three tips to build a co-founder partnership that works – Video

In this video, I explain the three most important qualities to look for in a potential co-founder and reveal why the right one is crucial
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Are you targeting the right customer problem?

Make sure your value proposition solves the most important and relevant customer problem. Use The Launch Code’s 5-step value proposition discovery process to make certain
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heartbeat hun

Fix your value proposition or die!

Your value proposition tells your customers what you’re selling. If you can’t explain this in less than eight seconds, your company will lose sales. Fix
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Your Lack of Focus is Killing Your Business!

Nothing is more critical to building a successful business than knowing what to focus your limited time and resources on. Who’s your target customer? What’s
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life buoy

Six Steps to ‘Recode’ Your Business in a Crisis

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by today’s crisis. It’s even easier to ‘hope’ things will get better. As CEO-Founder, you need to take decisive action:
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holding his head

5 Days, 5 Lessons: What ‘Forced Home Office’ Taught Me About Building a Business

My first full week of working from home made me realize that the lessons I learned while adapting to these unusual working conditions could be
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