5 Steps to Fix Your Value Proposition – VIDEO

A clear and powerful value proposition not only helps you communicate more clearly and close more deals, it also ensures the long-term prosperity of your business. Check out my 5-step process to creating a single-sentence value proposition that explains what your business does and why

The sexy model every startup is after

Your business model determines how your company makes money. Develop a sustainable and scalable business model to ensure your long-term growth.

The sexy model every startup is after – video

Business models may not be as sexy as Instagram models, but they are far more critical to building a successful business. Having a sustainable business model is what ensures your startup makes money and will not just survive but thrive in the long term. In this

Use the Power of Focus to Build Your Business – video

Knowing where to focus is the single most important factor in accelerating your business growth.In my newest video, I want to talk to you about the Power of Focus and I am going to give you a really clear 5 step process, that shows you

Are you targeting the right customer problem?

Make sure your value proposition solves the most important and relevant customer problem. Use The Launch Code’s 5-step value proposition discovery process to make certain you hit your mark.

Fix your value proposition or die!

Your value proposition tells your customers what you’re selling. If you can’t explain this in less than eight seconds, your company will lose sales. Fix this now, or you’re going out of business.