Are you targeting the right customer problem?


Make sure your value proposition solves the most important and relevant customer problem. Use The Launch Code’s 5-step value proposition discovery process to make certain you hit your mark.


Fix your value proposition or die!

heartbeat hun

Your value proposition tells your customers what you’re selling. If you can’t explain this in less than eight seconds, your company will lose sales. Fix this now, or you’re going out of business.


Your Lack of Focus is Killing Your Business!


Nothing is more critical to building a successful business than knowing what to focus your limited time and resources on. Who’s your target customer? What’s your most effective sales action? Which new skill will make your team flourish? Answer these questions correctly and you’ll understand why focus matters.


Six Steps to ‘Recode’ Your Business in a Crisis

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It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by today’s crisis. It’s even easier to ‘hope’ things will get better. As CEO-Founder, you need to take decisive action: get a clear picture of your business’s financial health, reposition your offering, and implement quick wins so your company is still active when the market rebounds.


This dangerous mindset is damaging your business

deal or no deal

Getting a fair deal in any business relationship is not guaranteed. Communicate your value, approach discussions with confidence and be prepared to walk away. Otherwise, you risk damaging yourself and your business.


The secret to a powerful co-founder partnership

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Co-founder partnerships are a critical building block of any successful business. Get it right, and your company will grow on a solid foundation. Get it wrong and it could lead to a painful end.


Get this one thing right to make your company thrive!

get this one right

Your business’s value proposition is like its heartbeat. If it’s not clear and consistent, you risk a slow and painful death. In my work with entrepreneurs on how to build and expand their businesses, the most common issue we focus on is the importance of defining their company’s value proposition.


What a $120,000 banana teaches us about selling


If you’re like me, you were shocked to read about a transaction conducted this weekend at Art Basel in Miami. Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan sold his ‘artwork’ – a banana purchased from a Miami area supermarket that he secured with duct-tape to a gallery wall – for a whopping $120,000.