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Business Keynotes, Workshops & Webinars

Many can share insights and information, but few can make their audience feel and understand, and  inspire them to take action.

Book me and I’ll give your team or audience an experience they’ll remember – in person or online.

  • Semi-finalist of the 2020 Nordic Business Forum Speaker Contest – selected from 300 applicants in 37 countries. Finals canceled due to Covid-19.
  • Rated 4.4 out of 5 by attendees of Infospace (2020)

My Favorite Topics

    • The secrets of successful entrepreneurs
    • The corporate vs entrepreneurial mindsets
    • Scaling your sales & marketing efforts
    • The keys to international expansion
    • How to pitch with impact
    • Applying the power of focus
    • Live mentoring: Fix a challenge in 30 minutes

Upcoming Appearances

August 09, 2021


August 19, 2021


October 19-21, 2021

  • Wolves Summit
  • Keynote & Panel: International Scaling, Live Mentoring, Panel: Mentoring Startups
  • Location: Wrocław

Three steps to book a high-impact presenter


Schedule a call to discuss your needs


Decide the right topic and format


Prepare for a memorable event

I’ll challenge your audience to learn and explore


Motivation and inspiration – that’s what my colleagues felt even weeks after Zoltan spoke at the opening of our new offices.

Attila Kecsmar

CEO & Co-Founder, Antavo


Zoltan is always welcome to our event. Our data insights show that his presentations are always very well received.

Michael Chaffe

CEO, Wolves Summit


Zoltan’s ‘The Launch Code’ workshop set a new standard for the quality of content we expect from our speakers.

Aniko Ivanics

Head of Mentoring Program, Design Terminal


Watch samples of my live content

Keynote Speech
“Entrepreneur’s Secret”

“Sales That Scales”

“Fix Your Value Proposition or Die”

Keynotes, workshops, webinars, live mentoring



Ideal for an inspirational slot at conferences & events.

+ Read more

  • “The Entrepreneur’s Secret: Why some thrive while others barely survive”
  • “The Launch Mindset: How to combine corporate and entrepreneurial thinking to make your business ‘Blast off’!
  • “The Power of Focus: How to choose your love, love your choice and build the business, career and life you dream about”

Live mentoring

Great showpiece at conferences and training programs

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    • The audience gets an inside look at how I help a founder solve his biggest challenge in just 30 minutes of intense mentoring that often leads to massive breakthroughs.
It was an outstanding experience. Zoltan helped us to determine our value proposition in 30 minutes – priceless help! I recommend this to every startup!

Gergo Bakonyi

Co-Founder & CEO, Sweet City



Ideal for sales, marketing, and business development training at accelerator programs.

+ Read more

      • “The Launch Code: 10 Principles to Make Your Business ‘Blast off”
      • “Sales That Scales: How to focus your planning and execution to grow your B2B revenues”
      • “Pitch Like a Pro: Present so your audience will understand, enjoy and remember”
      • “Target USA: How to expand your business to the world’s biggest market”


Ideal for sales, business development, and leadership training at conferences, company events, and accelerator programs.

+ Read more

      • “Fix Your Value Proposition or Die!”
      • “Destination Planning: Build the business you dream about”
      • “Get Stuff Done: Avoid productivity traps that keep you from achieving your potential”

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