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I help entrepreneurs find their focus and accelerate their business growth

Everyone deserves to experience the personal satisfaction and rewards that come from launching a successful business.

As a business growth mentor, speaker, and trainer, I create content and provide mentoring and training to help entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality.

When it comes to launching and scaling a business,

I don’t drop the ball.

I’ve experienced the pain and the thrill of creating something from nothing.

I’ve built and managed multi-million-dollar TV networks and sales organizations for global media corporations like NBCUniversal, ProSiebenSat1 Media, CBS and Turner.

I sat on a cardboard box in an empty apartment preparing to launch my first startup and successfully sold the company two years later.

I’ve created independent media, leisure, technology and professional services companies in a dozen countries.

I’ve made plenty of mistakes, but I also learned how take to an idea from ‘0’ to ‘1’, and to grow a business from ‘1’ to ’100.’

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My mix of corporate and entrepreneurial experience gives me a unique perspective

Over my 30-year career, I’ve worked in the media and technology industries while based in New York, Budapest, London, and Los Angeles.

Zoltan Vardy: investor & advisor

Corporate Leader

I was formerly Senior Vice President at NBCUniversal International, and a regional CEO at Germany’s ProSiebenSat1 Media, managing over a thousand employees and $200 million in annual revenues.

The Launch Code business productivity system - Execution

Startup Entrepreneur

I launched a dozen international media, leisure, technology, and professional services businesses including eEurope Media, one of the first digital media companies in Central & Eastern Europe.

The Launch Code business productivity system - Planning

Investor & Advisor

I’ve invested in several technology startups, including Brainient and Antavo, and have helped dozens of early stage companies grow into multinational businesses with new customers and revenues.

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I use The Launch Code™ to help you find a clear path

to growth and profits

The Launch Code™ is my unique business development framework that captures the lessons I’ve learned working in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments.

Corporations rely on detailed planning and careful decision-making but move too slowly to capture the best opportunities. Startups and small businesses move quickly but operate without a clear plan of what they want to achieve and how they will get there.

The Launch Code™ combines the best of these two mindsets – the structured planning of a corporation with the ‘get it done’ attitude of an entrepreneur – to give startup founders and small business owners a well-structured guide to building their companies and accelerating growth.

I call my framework The Launch Code™ because it is the secret to making your business ‘Blast off’!

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My Strategic Partners

I’m a mentor, trainer, speaker, husband, father and Spartan Racer

I want to inspire you and help you to become a successful entrepreneur. 

I was born and raised in the United States by Hungarian parents, graduated with a B.A. from Cornell University, and spent my youth traveling across Europe.

I currently divide my time between London and Budapest, where I live with my wife and teenage daughter.

I test my personal limits by training for and participating in Spartan Race obstacle course races.


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