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Had enough of dull and uninspiring business speakers?

We all know what a poor presenter looks and feels like.

No clear message. Confusing slides. Boring delivery.

It’s painful to watch…. especially if you’re the one responsible for putting them on stage!

Can you afford to make your attendees or team feel like they’ve wasted their time any longer?

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My keynotes and mentoring demonstrations speak to the core interests of entrepreneurs and encourages them to consider new ideas.

I bring examples to life through stories and make my audience feel and understand as well as become inspired to take action.

Choose from a range of keynote topics, each one delivered in 20-30 minutes, or contact me to discuss a tailor-made keynote on your topic of interest.

Alternatively, hire me to lead a fireside chat with a leading business figure, or choose my unique ‘Speed Mentoring Live!’ demonstration to introduce a bit of ‘showbusiness’ into an otherwise standard mix of keynotes, panels, and fireside chats.


I solve a startup founder’s most critical business challenge in 30 minutes in an ‘arena like’ setting.

Founders submit a sales or business development challenge. We engage in a live mentoring session where we identify the source of the challenge, discuss alternatives, and arrive at a clear solution.

With the clock ticking down, the founder commits to an action plan and the audience applies the principles uncovered during the session to their own businesses.

Keynote speeches

The Entrepreneur’s Secret: Why some thrive while others barely survive

The Power of Focus: Choose your love and love your choice

The Launch Mindset: Adapt corporate thinking to an entrepreneurial environment to make your business ‘Blast off!’

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes: How to build successful corporate-startup partnerships


I conduct in-depth discussions on stage with prominent entrepreneurs, investors, and business figures.

Each conversation is built around a flow of key topics and includes careful preparation as well as a ‘pre-interview’ with the subject prior to the event.

These discussions often yield interesting insights that help inform a broader topic of interest for an audience of entrepreneurs and innovators.

Check out my Launch Stories podcast for samples of similar conversations.

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Select from a range of content that appeals to the core interests of your audience of startup founder and entrepreneurs, and encourages them to consider new ideas.

Compelling Keynotes

They’ll hear stories about great entrepreneurs or understand how to apply the power of focus and the right mindset to building their business.

Speed Mentoring Live!

They’ll witness how a startup founder solves a critical business challenge in just 30 minutes, and how to adapt this solution to their own business.

Fireside Chats

They’ll listen to in-depth conversations with prominent entrepreneurs or investors, each one prepared to deliver surprising insights.

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