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Define the problem
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Explain your

Communicate with

Many startup founders can’t explain what their business does. Can you?

You have 8 seconds to convince your customer to buy what you’re selling.

Can’t do it? You just lost a potential new customer.

You must be able to explain what problem your business solves and for whom. If you can’t, it’s likely your marketing communication is confusing, your product development and sales are unfocused, and your team is frustrated.

I’ll teach you how to fix all these problems simply by creating a clear value proposition.

By the end of this FREE webinar, you’ll be able to…

  • Formulate your customer problem so it has a real impact
  • Define your target customer so it makes sense
  • Choose your product or service’s key benefit
  • Highlight why you’re better than your competition

You’ll know exactly what to tell your customers, business partners, and your team about why your startup is in business.

Three steps and you’re on your way to clear communication


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I’ve helped dozens of businesses formulate a clear message to potential customers

Zoltan Vardy
Creator of The Launch Code

Over my 30-year career, I’ve built and managed multi-million-dollar businesses for global media corporations like NBCUniversal, CBS and ProSiebenSat1 Media.

I’ve also developed media, leisure technology and professional services startups – including eEuropeMedia, Brainient and Antavo – in a dozen countries around the world as an entrepreneur and investor.

I’ve learned how define the essence of what a product or service offers and explain in simple terms why its customers, business partners and team members should care.

I’m ready to share my special approach with you – absolutely FREE!

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You’ll learn my 5-step process and get a peak at ‘The Launch Code’

In my free one-hour webinar, you’ll learn a simple, 5-step process to create a single sentence that explains why your target customer should buy your product or service.

This one statement will be so clear, your customers, your team, and even an intelligent 12-year-old will understand!

This also means you’ll learn the first of ten building blocks that together make up The Launch Code™

The Launch Code™ is a business development framework that combines corporate planning methods with entrepreneurial execution to give you a well-structured guide to building a company and accelerating its growth.

Register for a chance to get live feedback

Include your value proposition in your registration form, and I might give you tips during the webinar on how to improve it so your clients understand better what you’re selling.

Sign up today and experience the clarity and comfort of knowing what to say about your business.

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