Sales and marketing support
for b2b tech founders

Sales and marketing support for b2b tech founders

Mentoring, training and speaking to help you build predictable revenue


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What founders say about

me & the launch code

„The Launch Code is the bible for tech founders who don’t know enough about sales.”
Bence Marosi
CEO & Co-founder
Dynamo Pricing
“Six months ago, we were living in a dark room, and we were just guessing where to go when it comes to B2B enterprise sales. Now you've given us the light. We know the next steps and we see the path we need to follow. That's a big difference.”
Jakob Cvetko
“In 20 years of business, The Launch Code was the first sales and marketing methodology that gave my company a complete structure, strategy and focus.”
David Pataki
Founder & CEO
Enrol Consulting

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