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Launching a business is hard work.

Anyone who’s ever built a company knows that a good idea is five percent of your eventual success. The other 95% depends on how you can turn your idea into a profitable business.

This requires persistence and a plan.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a blueprint for building a successful business, and could avoid feeling overwhelmed by all the options available to you?

The Launch Code™ helps you find a clear path
to growth and profits.

It’s a business productivity system that guides you, step-by-step, from business idea to execution. The Launch CodeTM works by combining the mindsets of two very different business environments into a single, easy-to-follow approach.

Big corporations focus on detailed planning, consensus building and careful decision-making. They minimize risk, but they also move slowly and miss out on the best opportunities. Startups and small businesses, on the other hand, move quickly and get things done. This sounds great, but it also means many early stage companies operate in complete chaos.

I’ve worked in both environments and have realized that neither of these approaches work well on their own. Combine the two, however, and you unlock the code to growth and profits.

The Launch Code business productivity system mindset

The Launch Code™ is built on a foundation
of first-hand business experience.

Zoltan helped us discover a much broader spectrum of our possibilities thanks to his massive experience as an executive and as an entrepreneur.

Oliver Szendrey-Nagy

Co-Founder, Banding

I created The Launch Code™ based on my 30 years of experience creating and managing new businesses and expanding existing ones into new markets.

I’ve launched TV networks and sales organizations for NBCUniversal, CBS, ProSiebenSat1, and Turner Broadcasting, and created independent media, leisure, technology and professional services companies in a dozen countries.

I know what it’s like to overcome obstacles and create ‘something from nothing’ because I’ve experienced it first-hand. I’ve made plenty of mistakes along way and have packed these important lessons into The Launch Code™.

I call it The Launch Code™ because it is the secret to making your business ‘Blast off’!

Experience the satisfaction and rewards
of building a successful business.

Discover The Launch Code™ and find clarity and focus by knowing exactly what path to take on your journey. Avoid the frustration that comes from not knowing what to do next, and the disappointment that comes from not implementing your best ideas.

You deserve to enjoy the happiness and financial benefits that come from creating and expanding a profitable business.

Let The Launch Code™ show you the path towards growth and profits.

The Launch CodeTM Building Blocks


The Launch Code business productivity system - Planning
  • Value proposition – what problem do I solve and who benefits?
  • Business model – how will my business earn a profit?
  • Communication– how will I present my business clearly?
  • Destination Plan – where will I take my business and why?
  • Action Plan – how will I reach my ‘Destination’?


The Launch Code business productivity system - Execution
  • Product Offering – how do I evolve my product to fit the market?
  • Sales & Partnerships – how do I sell my product or service?
  • Digital Marketing & PR – how do I generate awareness and prospects?
  • Team & Operations – how do I build an effective organization?
  • Financial Management – how will I ensure a strong financial foundation?


The Launch Code business productivity system - Benefits

  • Develop focus – know exactly what to do next
  • Gain momentum – overcome obstacles that stand in your way
  • Build support – get others to back your business
  • Dream big – decide how to get bigger, faster
  • Become profitable – earn money to use as you wish