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Not another speaker who is dull and unprepared

So often you find yourself listening to a presenter who has either nothing meaningful to say or worse, someone who discusses an interesting topic in a completely incoherent way.

It’s time you said no to speakers who are wasting your time.

I’ve given over fifty speeches at company events and industry conferences world-wide. I always deliver a clear message packaged in a compelling way. Hire me for your next event, and I’ll make sure you and your audience come away feeling like you’ve gotten both your money’s and your time’s worth.

I’ve got something important to say
about your business

My high-energy presentations on entrepreneurship, business development and productivity are guaranteed to inspire your audience and push them to explore new ideas that will deliver a meaningful impact to their business.


  • “The Launch Code: The Formula to Make Your Business ‘Blast Off’!”
  • “Go Global! How to Scale Your Business Across Borders”
  • “Think Big! How to Close Profitable Deals with Corporate Customers”

Past Events

IBC Startup Forum


Kecsmár Attila

„Motivation and inspiration – that’s what my colleagues felt even weeks after Zoltan spoke at the opening of our new offices.”

Attila Kecsmár
CEO & Co-Founder, Antavo

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