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build a sales-first company

I deliver B2B sales training to startups via accelerators programs and VC firms.

Find Your Focus

Scale Your Sales

Execute with Impact

Finding sales trainers is easy.
Finding one who makeS aN impact is hard.

You want to give your startups the tools they need to accelerate their revenue growth.

It’s hard to decide which experts are better at selling themselves than at teaching others how to apply proven sales and business development techniques to their business.

You need a trainer who not only helps founders find their focus, scale their sales, and execute with impact, but gives them the tools to apply these lessons immediately to their business.

Ready to discover the difference?

My workshops deliver real-world experience
– in-person or online

I give B2B startup founders the principles, tools, and techniques I’ve used to close $2 billion in sales over my 30-year global career as a senior corporate executive, entrepreneur, investor, and advisor.

Choose from topics on ‘how to sell and engage’ or ‘how to grow and expand’.

Each session is delivered in 1-to-2-hours, depending on the number of examples and exercises included.

Alternatively, make my flagship The Launch Code workshop the cornerstone of your program’s B2B sales and business development content.


Fix Your Value Proposition or Die! Convince your prospects to buy what you’re selling

Sales That Scales: Focus your planning and execution to grow your B2B revenues

Customer First Communication: Get your prospects to understand and engage

Crack the Corporate Fortress: How to close big deals as a small startup

Pitch Like a Pro: Get investors to care, understand and remember

A 3 x 4-hour workshop that shows startup founders how to build predicatble, recurring B2B revenues.

Participants learn how to:

Focus their offer and message, so prospects understand what they’re selling.

Build a structured sales model, so they consistenly close new deals.

Execute base on targets, so they focus their efforts and reach their sales & marketing goals.


Going Global: How to make international expansion work

Target USA! Expand your business into the world’s biggest market

The Old Frontier: How US startups can crack the European market

Performance Management & Reporting: How to track your progress and make better decisions

Destination Planning: Build the business you dream about!

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Keynote Speech

“$2 Billion Mindset”


“Sales That Scales”


“Fix Your Value Proposition or Die”

Choose the trainer and content your startups deserve

Select from a broad range of workshops and webinars that provide real-word, ready-to-implement tools that will accelerate your startup’s revenue growth.

Sell and engage

Learn how to communicate clearly to customers and investor and scale your B2B sales to corporate customers and beyond.

Grow and expand

Learn how to expand internationally, crack the US or European markets and build the business you dream about.

The Launch Code

Learn the 3-pillar business development system that will help you build predictable, recurring B2B revenues.

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