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Scaling your B2B startup is hard work

You have so many tough decisions to make.

How do I target the right clients with the right message?

Where do I find my first international customers?

When should I build a team to expand into new markets?

Imagine if you had a mentor with 30 years of global business development experience by your side to help you answer these and other critical questions.

Work with me and learn how to….

  • Focus your limited time and resources on what matters
  • Communicate clearly why customers should buy what you’re selling
  • Launch a business development system that pulls customers in
  • Create a clear path to international expansion
  • Build a highly productive, performance-driven team

I’ll be your guide to business growth


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The Launch CodeTM is built on 30 years of global corporate & startup experience

I’ve launched and managed businesses from New York to Los Angeles, and from London to Budapest. I’ve helped hundreds of B2B startup founders build successful international businesses using my business development framework called The Launch Code™. Learn more about me here.

András Vicsek
Zoltan helped us transform from a company selling one-off research projects into a scalable SaaS business. He made us find our focus. Zoltan is a true change-maker and mentor.

Andras Vicsek

CEO & Co-Founder, Maven7

Zoltan doesn’t just give advice. He masterfully uses questions to point me in the right direction, so I view our challenges from a new perspective. I’m lucky to work with him.

Attila Kecsmar

CEO & Co-Founder, Antavo

Anita Breuer
Zoltan’s pragmatic and results-oriented approach convinced us in just one or two sessions. Our work generated goals, processes, and solutions that we immediately put into practice.

Anita Breuer

CEO & Co-Founder, Logiscool

Experience the impact of 1-on-1 mentoring

1. Objective led: We define what you want to achieve.

We evaluate your needs and set measurable targets so we can track our progress. I ensure we focus on fixing the right things to achieve the greatest impact.

2. Interactive: We work together to arrive at solutions.

In each session, we use interactive discussions, worksheets, and other tools to help you evaluate your options and come up with a specific solution.

3. Actionable: We end each session with clear next steps.

We finish with a summary of key decisions and next actions so you know what to do next. We follow up in our next session to make sure you’re on track.

Norbert Papp 3
Our sales & marketing isn’t working. How do we get more customers?
Kinga Dancshazy
We’re ready to go international. What’s the right strategy?
Sebastian Schultheiss
Our business is expanding. How do I build a team to support our growth?

Choose from three mentoring packages


  • 10 hours over 13 weeks
  • 10 x 1-hour mentoring sessions
  • Discuss ad hoc challenges as they come up
  • Each sessions ends with a clear decision and next steps


  • 20 hours over 13 weeks
  • 10 x 2-hour mentoring sessions
  • Cover The Launch Code’s nine building blocks
  • A dozen worksheets and other decision-making tools


  • 30 hours over 26 weeks
  • 15 x 2-hour mentoring sessions
  • Cover The Launch Code’s nine building blocks
  • Use follow up sessions to support implementation

Get on the path to international growth

Work with me to enjoy the personal satisfaction and rewards of building a successful global business.

  • Find your focus — understand exactly what customer to target with what message and how
  • Grow your sales — boost the effectiveness of your outbound sales and inbound marketing efforts
  • Lead to lead — manage your business for maximum performance and build a high-impact team

Don’t accept your lack of progress and the frustration that comes with it any longer!

Get the clarity and comfort from knowing exactly what you need to do to scale your startup.

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