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Create a clear plan

Execute with impact

Get faster results

Building a business is hard work

You have so many decisions to make, so many directions you could take.

Am I targeting the right customers with the right message?

Who should I hire to strengthen my team?

How can I expand into international markets?

Imagine how much easier it would be if you had a global business builder by your side to help you fix your biggest challenges.

I’ll be your guide on the path to business growth


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Business productivity system: The Launch Code by Zoltan Vardy - Vardy

Tap into 30 years of corporate and startup experience

I’ve launched and managed businesses from NYC to LA, and from London to Budapest. I’ve helped entrepreneurs find their focus and accelerate their business growth. CLICK HERE to learn more about me.

András Vicsek
Zoltan helped us transform from a company selling one-off research projects into a scalable SaaS business. He made us find our focus. Zoltan is a true change-maker and mentor.

Andras Vicsek

CEO & Co-Founder, Maven7

Zoltan doesn’t just give advice. He masterfully uses questions to point me in the right direction, so I view our challenges from a new perspective. I’m lucky to work with him.

Attila Kecsmar

CEO & Co-Founder, Antavo

Zoltan worked with us to clarify our communication and focus on the right customers and markets. He supported us in building our sales and marketing team and in executing our business plan.

Kinga Dancshazy

CEO & Co-Founder, D-Tag

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Experience the power of personalized mentoring

1. We start by identifying your key challenges.

Sometimes, your biggest problem isn’t what you think it is. I make sure you focus on fixing the right things to achieve the greatest impact.

2. We set goals for our mentoring program.

Setting clear and measurable targets helps us stay focused and enables us to track our progress together.

3. We solve your biggest problems, one by one.

The most effective way to tackle your problems is to do it one at a time. Otherwise, you risk getting lost in the confusion.

Our sales & marketing isn’t working. How do we get more customers?
We’re ready to go international. What’s the right strategy?
Our business is expanding. How do I build a team to support our growth?

Three ways I can help you build your business

Focus Coaching

  • One-off sessions, 1 hour each
  • Goal: solve critical issues as
    they arise
  • Deliverable: a clear focus and next actions
  • No upfront commitment
  • Hourly rate

Personalized Mentoring

  • Weekly sessions, 2 hours each
  • Goal: tackle challenges for long-term impact
  • Deliverable: achievement of goals or desired outcome
  • Min. 12-week commitment
  • Program price

Project Advisory

  • Joint sessions, individual work
  • Goal: hands-on support for client meeting, investor pitch, strategy, business evaluation
  • Deliverable: presentation
  • 2-to-6 week commitment
  • Project price

You deserve to feel clarity and comfort

It’s time you stopped accepting your lack of progress and the frustration that comes with it.

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your business grow and prosper!

Let’s start working together so you can enjoy the personal satisfaction and the financial benefits of building a successful business.

Let’s talk about your business!

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