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Mentoring with me begins with clear goals and ends with measurable results

Find Your Focus

Scale Your Sales

Execute with Impact

building A global startup takes time.
Shouldn’t you find the fast lane?

Building a global startup takes time. Shouldn’t you find the fast lane?

scale startup globally

As a startup founder, you’re naturally ambitious. You want to see results quickly.

The problem is you need answers to the questions that are holding you back.

You’re lost in a sea of problems with no solutions.

It’s time you found a shortcut to the answers.

1-on-1 mentoring that delivers results quickly

1. Goal-driven: We define what 'SUCCESS' Looks like.

We evaluate your status and set objectives so we can track our progress throughout our mentoring. I make sure we fix the problems that will deliver the greatest impact.

2. Interactive: We collaborate to arrive at the best solution.

We have interactive discussions and use worksheets and other tools to help you evaluate your options and decide on the best solution.

3. Actionable: We end each session with clear next steps.

We finish with a summary of key decisions and next actions, so you always know what to do next. I follow up in our next session to make sure you’re on track.

scale startup globally fast

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A mentor asks tough questions & suggests solutions

my personal mentoring approach

scale startup globally with a mentor

There are coaches and consultants who work with entrepreneurs.

Coaches ask questions and encourage you to arrive at your own solution.

Consultants roll up their sleeves and do the work for you.

I’m a mentor. And I sit right in between.

I challenge you to ask yourself tough questions and consider the alternatives.

I also share my knowledge built over 30 years of launching and managing international businesses to analyze your situation and suggest specific solutions.

We then identify the best option and agree on an action plan…together.

This is your business, so the final decision and the responsibility to execute our plan sits with you.

That’s why I’m a mentor. Not a coach. Not a consultant.


three mentoring programS tailored to your needs


personal mentoring program

Fix an urgent challenge 

'FOCUS 15'

personal mentoring program

1-on-1 support, long-term impact

personal mentoring program

Build predictable, recurring revs

Choose mentoring
that delivers results

I want you to enjoy the personal satisfaction and rewards of building a successful global business.

Don’t accept your lack of progress and the frustration that comes with it.

Get clarity and comfort from knowing exactly what you need to do to build predictable, recurring revenues globally.

Find your focus

Focus your offer and message, so prospects understand what you’re selling.

Scale your sales

Build a structured sales model, so you consistently close new deals.

Execute with impact

Execute based on targets, so you focus your efforts and reach your goals

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